Blizzard Bag #1

School to Work
Blizzard Bag #1

Reminder: Blizzard Bags are due 24 hours after we return from a Blizzard Bag Day (If the BB Day is on Tuesday, your work must be submitted by the end of the school day on Wednesday). 
2) Sign up/register as a Student.
(Write down or save your login info for future use a.k.a BB#2) 
This link will help answer some FAQs about registering for the site.
Please use your real first and last name when registering (to earn credit).
Class Code: IAHZ18

     3) Once you have successfully registered/logged in, locate the Pretest on the main dashboard.

     4) Complete the 25 question pretest (takes approximately 10 minutes).

     5) Once you have completed the pretest, please email me your score and a brief 1-2 sentence reflection on your experience with taking the test (feedback for me). This reflection can be located in the body of your email.

Google Drive Link to this BB assignment located below: