Blizzard Bag #2

School to Work
Blizzard Bag #2

Reminder: Blizzard Bags are due 24 hours after we return from a Blizzard Bag Day (If the BB Day is on Tuesday, your work must be submitted by the end of the school day on Wednesday). 

1 ) Log in to your teach Banzai account.

2) If you did not complete BB#1, do so now. It is a prerequisite for BB#2. 

3) Once you have completed BB#1, download the Life Scenarios PDF. You can download from my Google Drive (below) or by clicking on the Download-Life-Scenarios link located in the lower left hand corner of the main student page/dashboard.
Google Drive link for Life Scenarios PDF Download
4) Once you download the PDF, use it to help you complete the first 3 Life Scenarios. I will monitor your progress via the teacher site. When you have completed 3 life scenarios, you will receive credit for BB#2.

I encourage everyone to complete all 8 Life Scenarios and enjoy the interactive game upon completion. Try your hand at the post-test as well if you complete all 8.

Financial literacy is a major asset that can help students build credit, gain personal wealth, and work toward future financial stability. With many employers now requiring a credit check during the interview process, skills like these are becoming even more important for students preparing for the work world.